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Mobile Services in the Hotel Business

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Mobile Services in the Hotel Business


Very few people can imagine their daily life without digital gadgets, which have already turned into the best friends and have become absolutely irreplaceable. People are used to comfort and expect to find it wherever they are. That is why hotels and hostels try to keep up with modern Internet technologies and meet the needs of their guests. Mobile services - that's what is relevant for the hotel business as never before.

Many world-famous websites have already acquired mobile applications that are convenient and useful not only for tourists, but also for hotels and hostels. For example, the TripAdvisor, service that is probably was used by everyone who has ever planned his vacation. It cooperates with tourist centers, restaurants, and hotels, so the application contains the latest and up-to-date information. In addition to booking and buying tickets, finding places of interest, viewing photos, forecasting weather and exchange rates, the service offers the access to reviews of more than seven million objects around the world. People who have been to the hotel can leave a positive feedback about the service, describing their impressions, which, undoubtedly, will increase the interest and desire of other tourists to stay there! is another, no less famous tourist service - the world leader in the online booking of hotel rooms. That is a kind of intermediary between the tourist and the hotel. At this site, the hotel has the opportunity to tell you about itself in detail and explain to the tourist why he should choose it. By registering the hotel on, you can easily attract guests and increase revenue. Your accommodation will be shown to a large audience of travelers around the world all year round. You can add information about new facilities or tell about the surrounding area at any time after registration. What’s more, 24/7 support, no fees for the service for guests and free promotion on partner sites.

The newest application DeskBell is another service, which is gaining popularity, will be indispensable in the hotel business. The hotel has the opportunity to tell about itself in considerable detail. The guest is on the doorstep of the hotel, and the application has already determined the location of the hotel. The main task of DeskBell is to orient a person in his native language in any hotel in the world, giving him the most detailed and up-to-date information about all services of the hotel. What restaurants and bars are there in the hotel and what menu do they offer? Are there any entertaining activities expected in the near future? Is there a swimming pool in this hotel? How can I contact the administrator or hotel manager? DeskBell will answer absolutely all these and many other questions. In addition, the chat, built into this application, allows guests to communicate with each other, as well as communicate with the hotel manager for any questions. The advantages are obvious: the more the guest is aware of the hotel service, the more he uses the services, which means that the hotel's profit also increases. In addition, using DeskBell, guests will feel more comfortable and confident, which, of course, will affect their impression of the hotel.

The undoubted advantage of each of these applications is a clear and accessible interface. Anyone can quickly and easily find the information he needs, using these mobile services. TripAdvisor will tell you about the hotel through the feedbacks of those who have already been there; will provide the tourist with detailed information and beautiful photos, as well as  giving the opportunity to book a room immediately; DeskBell welcomes its guests right on the doorstep of the hotel and becomes their personal guide throughout their stay. Pros for both tourists and hoteliers are obvious. It remains only to realize the need for mobile services in the hotel business and start applying them in your hotel!

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