Hotel Opening Virginia

Western Front Hotel Opens in Virginia

Milton's at Western Front Hotel
Western Front Hotel Opens in Virginia

Cornerstone Hospitality

The Western Front Hotel, a 1920s-era building with interior design by Interior Image Group (IIG), will open to the public on February 12, 2018. IIG partnered with developers from Creative Boutique Hotels and Cornerstone Hospitality to design the hotel, transforming it from an old retail and apartment building to a modern destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Staying true to the building's roots, IIG preserved the historic nature of the building while also incorporating modern design elements.

Through all the renovation projects, while the integrity of the Western Front Hotel was shored up, the original charm and character of the building remained. "As people who are familiar with the building walk through, they will see things that were here before, but used in a brand new way," said Kimberly Christner, president and CEO of Cornerstone.

"Since guests from all over will be staying at the Western Front, we knew we had to strike a delicate balance," said Patti Tritschler, president of IIG. "Our goal was to preserve the authenticity and history of the building while also creating something new that would add value to the community."

The Western Front Hotel will open on February 12.

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