The Top Ten Things to Do in Majorca

A Lighthouse in Majorca
The Top Ten Things to Do in Majorca

With 36 towns spanning its island, Majorca is a deceptively large place to visit and has much choice. It’s real capital, Palma, and its party-going capital, Magaluf, are two of its more well-known destinations, but there are many more with 4 star hotels in Majorca from where you can explore the fabulous island. Majorca is just full of delights foodwise and amazing sights. Here are some of the top ten things to do on the isle.

  1. One of the most visited attractions is the Catedral de Mallorca (the Spanish way of saying ‘Majorca’). One of the most talked about attributes of the Cathedral are the stained-glass windows of which there are around 50. On sunny days the glass floods the interior with colour and it can create extremely beautiful patterns, whilst retaining serenity and peacefulness. One reviewer says it must be seen from the seafront for the ultimate view. A night-time visit is recommended too, for the garden areas and fountains are also floodlit. The whole place oozes atmosphere and originality. The Cathedral is one of the largest across Europe and was built between 1229 - 1601 under the House of Aragon’s rule and on a site where there was once a mosque. Not only is it beautiful, but it is steeped in history.
  2. On the north-west of the island, in Palma de Mallorca, there is another place where there are sights to behold. Aptly named ‘The Canyon Gates of Paradise’, situated between two large rocks, the ‘gates’ are a stunning piece of natural beauty. Most people recommend going by boat as it is a much more pleasant experience. The water is quite deep to moor the boat, but, with crystal clear water, dolphins and turtles on the way there worth the hassle.
  3. The 365 Calvari Steps are another great day out in Majorca. Situated in Pollenca, the steps are an easy 15 minutes’ walk and not too steep, so don’t be perturbed by the concept – it’s very achievable. At the bottom of the steps there is a nice village to explore. There are some amazing views from the top, and also there's a small church and ice-cream shop at the highest point with many local cats to greet you.
  4. The Botanicactus is a botanical garden specifically for cacti. It’s has specialities of succulent cactus sorts and newer areas now also contain subtropical plants and localised flora. There is a lake and a small cafe. The only complaint anyone ever makes of this place is its heat, but there is ice-cream after!
  5. One thing you can do in Majorca is take a private tour of the Mallorca Caves of Drach and Majorica Pearl Factory. You can discover how the island's prestigious pearls are crafted at the factory based in Manacor and explore the Caves of Drach with a private guide to see incredible stalactite-studded rock formations and enclaves. Finally, you can cruse the beautifully lit underground lake in a special boat ride, followed by a classical music concert performed in an amphitheatre in the caves.
  6. The ‘Mountains, Villages and Hidden Beach Day Tour’ from Palma is a must do for your Majorcan holiday. this 8-hour hike around the island’s craggy mountains. Trek through historic villages and enjoy panoramic island vistas on your way to the hidden beach known only to locals. You can finish your trip with a seaside picnic a tasty local dinner.
  7. Majorca has a host of wine-tasting sessions to try. One such wine-tasting day is an afternoon in the Majorcan countryside, touring the facilities of a local winery and tasting some of their most special products. You can meet a Mallorcan winemaker and learn of the island's ancient winemaking traditions. You will try five different wines, and alongside the wine you will taste Mallorcan snacks, including quelitas, (local cheeses) and sobrasada (sausage).
  8. You’re not making the most of it, if you don’t try out the beach during your stay. Playa de Muro beach is a good one to try. The board walk is nice to see the fish. The atmosphere on the beach is very relaxing and there are plenty of places to lay.
  9. If you want a shopping experience, try Alcudia Old Town. The markets are a must, The foundations of the old part of Alcudia go back to 903 when Arabs landed nearby and founded the first town on a hill naming it Alkudia which means ‘hill’ in Arabic. The Arabs made the city the capital of the island but later it shifted to Palma. You can walk the walls and breath in the atmosphere. There are lots of great restaurants and bars, with good shopping.
  10. Finally, try the ‘Cap de Formentor’, this is a gorgeous lighthouse in the Mediterranean Sea. It has winding roads, hairpin bends, cliffs and tunnels, resulting in breathtaking views where the sunset makes it a place to remember.

So – if you aren’t satisfied with this starter for ten, do check out all the villages and towns for further inspiration.

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