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Digital Hotel Marketing - Everything You Need to Know About Changes to AdWords - By Hannah Fuller

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Everything You Need to Know About Changes to AdWords


In the world of advertising, components of campaign management are always changing, evolving, and improving. With the recent change to AdWords conversion tracking, and a new user interface on the horizon, we want to keep you in the know on what to expect.

In Google AdWords, a single account can house up to 10,000 campaigns. What’s more? Approximately 20,000 ad groups can be included per campaign, and 50 text ads per ad group. We realize this is stating the obvious, but that is a lot of campaign components to manage and doesn’t leave advertisers with much time to explore changes to AdWords. That’s why we’re here to help.

New Adwords Interface Promises More Insights

AdWords is in the process of making changes to their user interface, and also how certain campaign functionalities work. Google has already started beta testing a new user interface for advertisers, streamlining the way that insights and performance metrics are displayed. 

You will receive an email when your account has been updated so that there are no surprises when you log in next. What’s more? If you already have access to the new interface, you will still be able to toggle back and forth between the new and old interfaces until it is fully rolled out.

Incoming Changes to Adwords Conversion Tracking Tags

There are some changes that are less obvious than the brand new interface. In October 2017, Adwords changed the way that conversion tracking tags are created. There is a new global site tag, which is deployed site-wide. In addition to the global site tag, an event snippet, replacing the previous conversion tracking tag, is created and works with the global tag to track conversions. For now, the previous tag creation works, but Google might sunset that process at some point in the future.

Trust us, we know that change is hard! But there are some major benefits to these changes. With the new tracking tags, integration with other Google products, such as Analytics, becomes easier and faster by incorporating a unified tracking experience. It will also allow for more accurate conversion tracking. With the global site tag and event snippet, you will be able to specify which interactions should be attributed as AdWords conversions. 

What does this mean for your SEM campaign?

If you are currently running campaigns in AdWords, be on the lookout for the current, and upcoming, changes. This will ensure that you are prepared for any potential campaign problems that could arise. 

If you currently run campaigns with Sojern, we’ve got you covered. We are aware of the updates and will take care of all necessary changes so that your campaign continues to run smoothly. 

Have questions about changes to AdWords, or looking to start an SEM campaign? Reach out to one of our campaign specialists today.

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