HTNG's API Registry

HTNG Collaborates with Hotel Tech Report to Solve One of the Hotel Industry's Biggest Problems

Hospitality Technology Next Generation

HTNG and Hotel Tech Report are using HTNG's API Registry and Hotel Tech Report's integrations search engine as platforms to further collaboration and transparency in hospitality.

Integrations are widely recognized as the biggest barrier for hospitality venues looking to adopt new technology. Historically, purveyors of closed software architectures were sensitive to disruption, leaving the majority of the industry today vulnerable. HTNG's API Registry and Hotel Tech Report were created to solve a similar problem to open up the industry, but the platforms serve fundamentally different audiences.

HTNG's API Registry brings transparency to technology creators in the hospitality industry by publicly listing detailed API documentation to help speed up the pace at which providers can integrate and develop creative solutions for their clients. The API Registry is geared toward chief information officers, chief architects, product managers and developers refining their strategic integration roadmap. Hotel Tech Report's search platform works closely with heads of marketing and business development officers to help hoteliers quickly identify the products that integrate with their current solutions, thus saving time on researching technologies for their properties.

The full public release of HTNG's API Registry will arrive this summer following its year of development. Last month, the registry moved into its beta phase to continue to further improvements. This collaboration with Hotel Tech Report marks a seamless connection between the platforms, brings technology creators and buyers together and increases the exposure of the API ecosystem to the broader community.

"I remember meeting with Adam and Jordan when Hotel Tech Report was just launching, and we've been impressed by their ability to make an impact on the industry in such a relatively short period of time," said Mike Blake, CEO of HTNG.

"We're inspired by the way that Mike Blake and HTNG have been able to consistently drive innovation by bringing people and ideas together. This collaboration is humbling for us and bestows a huge level of responsibility," says Hotel Tech Report's Adam Hollander.

Hotel Tech Report users can now access its integrations search engine and quickly jump to HTNG's API Registry from every page on the site bridging the gap between those with technical- and customer-facing roles in the hotel technology industry. Businesses have already listed more than 1,000 integrations on the platforms, and this is quickly becoming an industry standard.

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