StayNTouch Webinar Series

StayNTouch Webinar - Systems, Service, And Support: Your Total PMS/CRS Experience

StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

You know that fully-functioning distribution channels are key, and that means a seamless integration for your PMS and CRS. To truly harness the power of these two core systems, you must also be able to rely on a superior level of service and support from your providers. But what does a seamless integration mean, and what does superior support look like?

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Join SHR's Director of Client Success, Ian Kemp, and StayNTouch's Director of Client Success and Support, Chelsea Madden, for a special LIVE webinar, dedicated to de-mystifying the common issues associated with setting expectations and achieving better results when it comes to your systems and their providers.
Follow our industry experts, step by step, as they discuss your most pressing concerns, including:

  • Defining "seamless integration" and how to achieve it
  • The role of the CSM and Technical Support in your integrations
  • Holding vendors accountable throughout the entire product life-cycle
  • Plus, a handy checklist of questions to ask for superior PMS/CRS support

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