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StayNTouch Live Demo Session - Is Your Hotel’s PMS Helping or Hurting Your Bottom Line? Join This Week’s Rover PMS LIVE Demo Session

StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

The value of your PMS should be to reduce the operational pains and increase your revenue. For hotels, improving processes and enhancing operations is essential to the bottom line, both as it relates to revenue and guest services. But is your Hotel's PMS helping or hurting?

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In this LIVE Demo session, learn how StayNTouch's Mobile PMS is helping hotels like yours streamline daily operations, enable staff to work better and smarter and immediately elevate the efficiency and perceived service level. We'll cover:

- Flexibility: The impact of being able to access your PMS from anywhere, at any time, with any device

- Replacing Repetition with Automation: How quickly and easily tasks can be completed and managed

- Enhancing Communications and Productivity: How mobility can break the silos across departments and give staff greater visibility which in turn bolsters their productivity

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