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August, 16 2019
Interaction Management Platform
Hoteliers: How Technology is Transforming Your Guest Experience
Hoteliers: How Technology is Transforming Your Guest Experience
Automation is both a blessing and a curse for hotels. While automation reduces staffing costs, it also eliminates the human interaction hospitality guests love. So what’s the key to merging technology with customer expectations and personalized service? Using technology to enhance staff-guest interactions, rather than replacing them. Read more
The Guest Holds All The Power
Beyond Loyalty Programs: VIP Amenities and Perks to Keep Your Guests Coming Back - By Adam Hoydysh, Vice President of Hotel Sales at Plum
Beyond Loyalty Programs: VIP Amenities and Perks to Keep Your Guests Coming Back
What makes a guest feel most valued? How can hotels show guests that they value them with unique perks and amenities to make them feel like VIPs and keep them coming back? The hospitality landscape is, arguably, more competitive than ever before. The stakes - and the revenue potential - are high, as are guest expectations. Read more
Venue Management
What Do Today’s Guests and Planners REALLY Want? The Top 3 Most Important Things Revealed! - By Lauren Hall, Founder & CEO, IVvy
What Do Today’s Guests and Planners REALLY Want? The Top 3 Most Important Things Revealed!
What does it mean to be a successful hotel or venue in 2019? Well, many things - but for starters, you have to get to know the modern guest. Whether catering to the individual traveler or larger groups (or both), hoteliers are tasked with the responsibility of identifying, understanding and attending to the needs and expectations of modern travelers and planners. Read more
Hotel Employee Safety
Can Wearable Technology Keep Hotel Staff Safe? - By Robb Monkman, Founder and CEO of React Mobile
The concept of wearable technology, a few decades ago, might have seemed rather farfetched - at least, in the way that we now know it to exist. With studies predicting that 28.7 million Americans 18 and older will use a smartwatch next year, more than 8 million Americans aged 55 and older expected to use a wearable device, and the realization that 23 Apple watches are sold per minute, the demand for ultra-convenient, hands-free technology is undeniable. Read more
Cloud-based Data Intelligence Platform
Continued Customer Growth at OTA Insight Prompts Asia-Pacific Expansion
A groundswell of high-profile new partners across the APAC region sees increased investment in regional business development and support teams. Read more
Hotel360 Expo
INTELITY to Attend the Hotel360 Expo in London
The company looks to expand existing international relationships and further extend its presence in the global market Read more
Guest Communication Solution
The Georgian Terrace Drives Guest Engagement with Ivy Smartconcierge
Go Moment’s Ivy provides responsiveness, efficiency and profitable opportunities for iconic Atlanta hotel Read more
Metasearch Explained
Metasearch Explained: What Hoteliers Need to Know
Metasearch Explained
The world of hospitality digital marketing is constantly evolving, making it critical for hoteliers to stay on top of search marketing updates. While online travel agencies (OTAs) have been a go-to for attracting new clients and boosting occupancy, metasearch sites have proven themselves as the new big player in the hotel tech industry. Read more
STS Cloud Sales And Catering System
Columbia Hospitality Taps STS Cloud System As Part of Its Diversified Portfolio’s ‘Best in Class’ Solution Strategy
Columbia Hospitality Will Have 7 Properties on the STS Cloud Sales and Catering System and 15 Using’s ProposalPath Online Response Application Read more
API Business Intelligence
Triometric and Juniper Team Up to Offer a Powerful API Business Intelligence Service to Juniper Clients
The Trio analytics service enables Juniper’s clients to access a comprehensive ‘out of the box’ API analytics solution to help them optimise their client management, inventory availability and distribution capabilities. Read more
Whitepaper - Hotel Website Personalization
Now Available: Content Personalization on the Hotel Website Whitepaper
Whitepaper - Hotel Website Personalization
Personalization in the hospitality industry isn’t a new concept. Hotels often provide personalized in-room and on-property experiences, so why should the website experience be the same for all visitors? Read more

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